Desktop as a service

Desktop as a Service

We can offer you a Windows desktop, it is actually a private cloud server. It feels like a virtual computer, you can install programs yourself, save data and design the desktop as you like it. We are happy to help you set up the virtual desktop according to your wishes.

The good thing is, you can always reach the desktop from the internet via any device no matter where you are! There are access programs for computers, tablets and smartphones.

The private cloud server is in our data center in Switzerland, we secure your data every night. If desired, we can create recovery points for you, this means that the desktop can be reset to a specific day for any reason.

Desktop as a service or private cloud server is also very suitable for smaller teams. Each user can set up their own desktop and all users have access to the same data like if they were all on the same network, of course, more users can work simultaneously. That's how working is fun!

We can configure the private cloud server as you wish.

- CPU cores
- Size of main memory (RAM)
- Number and size discs
- Windows Version
- Terminal Server Licenses - Number of concurrent users
- Office 2019 standard for rent
- Minimum contract period is 12 months, notice period 1 month


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