Hosted Exchange

Our Hosted Exchange solution offers the advantages of an Exchange Server without having to buy, host or manage it yourself. These administration tasks are completely taken over by Trenka Informatik AG.

Benefits of Exchange Server as e-mail and workgroup solution
Access your e-mail inbox from any media. In addition to e-mails, the address book, contacts, calendars and task management are also managed and synchronized. A forwarding of e-mails to mobile devices such as notebooks or mobile phones is also possible via push service.

For whom is the Hosted Exchange offer suitable?
It is especially useful if several users are to access task management, calendars and e-mails at the same time.

  • Mobile Synchronization - Access the same data, email, contacts, and calendars from Mobile, Webmail, PC, or MAC.
  • Data in Switzerland - Use the leading MS platform without delivering the data to the big manufacturer.
  • Highly secure data centers in Switzerland - your data is stored in duplicate in separate data centers and backed up daily.


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