The DDoS attacks (Distibuted Denial of Service) are unfortunately already a reality. Criminals try to disable certain servers, lines or services. Such an attack usually brings heavy losses, because the services simply do not work under such attacks.
In order to protect our network and our customers from this, we have introduced several technologies that help alleviate such attacks.

Automatic RTBH 

For basic protection of the backbone network, we use the RTBH method. This is considered standard in provider networks and helps as an immediate measure in case of large-volume attacks. We have automated this procedure so it will be applied automatically within a few seconds.Reduzierte Sichbarkeit

Reducing the visibility of a Network

Another proven strategy against large-volume DDoS attacks is when the corresponding network, in which e.g. Your server is only visible in Switzerland or Europe. Many foreign attackers go empty handed because they can no longer find the IP address of the server. But local customers in Switzerland can still access your services.

Externes Scrubbing Zentrum

External Scrubbing Center

In this method, the incoming IP traffic is diverted by a kind of washing machine. To you then comes only the washed and cleaned traffic. We work with several such centers so you can choose who gets your traffic washed. This redirection can be set up permanently or temporarily if necessary.

InLine Scrubbing

InLine Scrubbing

With this type of traffic cleaning, the IP traffic is cleaned with us. The diversion to the Scrubbing- unit takes place only in case of need or permanently.
The advantage of this solution is that the redirection does not take place via an external network with long response times, but takes place directly in our backbone.

Here are some Keywords about our DDoS Protection

  • Automatic threat detection through evaluation
    from network flow data
  • Rapid detection of anomalies
  • Automatic alerting
  • Automatic initiation of protective measures