IT support
Your computer deserves professional care.
Is it about the evaluation of new hardware or the procurement, optimization and installation of software?
Are you planning to build a network or is it simply the small everyday problems around your PC that make your work and life difficult?

We can support you in the following areas:

- Evaluation of the appropriate computer system
- Selection of suitable software
- Networking of several computers
- Functionality Workgroups (Calendar, E-Mails, Intranet, etc.)
- Connection to the Internet
- Protection and monitoring against attacks and computer viruses

Technological change
Rapid technological change requires professional monitoring, rapid reactions and appropriate software adaptations. However, few companies can afford expensive specialists to avoid superficial software and system errors. 
Added to this are cost pressure, lack of time and lack of know-how for the operation of cost-intensive firewall solutions that offer active protection against Internet and virus attacks.
Those who leave their IT management to a competent partner like Trenka Informatik AG make a significant contribution to risk avoidance.
Loss of information
The business basis of most companies is customer relations. A sudden disappearance of customer data can block the entire operation. A quick recovery of the data saves time and nerves.
The probability of becoming the victim of a natural disaster is very low. Usually, technical or human error leads to a negative scenario. On average, such a disaster occurs every 5 years. 
Most companies lack a plan to recover data and information. However, with the help of our specialists you can minimize the risk.

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